frugal fru‧gal [ˈfruːgl] adjective
careful to buy only what is necessary:

• The pay settlement must be frugal in order to avoid layoffs.

• People who rely on the basic retirement pension must live a frugal existence.

• We're having to be very frugal with our training budget this year.

— frugality noun [uncountable] :

• Most departments were being told to cut spending and practise frugality again this year.

— frugally adverb :

• If you want to retire young, you'll have to live frugally and invest wisely.

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frugal UK US /ˈfruːgəl/ adjective
careful to use only as much money, food, etc. as is necessary: »

He built up his savings by being very frugal.


frugal habits/living/lifestyle


frugal energy/water use

frugality noun [U]

Will consumer spending bounce back after the recession, or is there a new spirit of frugality?

frugally adverb

It will become necessary to use the Earth's resources more frugally.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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